Working with the University of Bedfordshire

You want your organisation to grow and so do we

As a catalyst for growth with campuses in Luton, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Putteridge Bury and Aylesbury, we are well placed to help you with all your business needs. Our team of academics, experts and business professionals are constantly engaged in making new discoveries and important connections. We accelerate innovation and new thinking and help ambitious organisations develop and grow by providing access to our expertise, facilities and networks of funders, businesses, support bodies and entrepreneurs, both local and global.

If you want help with business, management, processes, technology, marketing or any of our many fields of expertise you can find it all in one place at the University of Bedfordshire.

Your priority may be:

  • income generation
  • developing a new product/service
  • increasing your skills
  • efficiency
  • better public relationships
  • new ideas and/or intellectual property
  • ...or simply just to recruit talented interns and graduates

Help with Funding

You can of course hire one of our expert academics on a consultancy basis, it may sometimes be quicker to do this but this is rarely a cost-effective strategy for you. You can achieve the same result using one of our Funded Projects, unlocking your potential to access grants and funding for innovation.

Collaborative Research

Your organisation may already be aware of opportunities to engage in research and development activities, many of which attract Government backed funding. Collaboration between your organisation and the University of Bedfordshire can add true value to your organisation, by expanding the body of knowledge for a specialist area to develop and optimise new products, services and processes and therefore helping acceleration to market. Whatever the interest, if your organisation is looking to engage in research and development activity, we would love to hear from you.