At The University of Northampton, we are committed to using our academic expertise, industry connections and our student and staff passion to work with the businesses community to support both the start-up and continued operation of successful business, locally nationally and across the globe.  We have a variety of ways in which we can work with your business to help you achieve your goals.  We know that you don’t want a one-size-fits all approach when working with our student, graduate and consultant talent.  Our award winning Changemaker Hub team will work with you to understand your business needs and how we can best meet them together, whether that be through the many projects on offer through the University of Northampton and the Growth Hubs

Enterprise Boost provides a full range of support, training, advice, and information services, including various schemes and routes for funding – for anyone who has or would like to set up a business or social enterprise or work as a freelancer or private practitioner.  You do not have to be a student of the University of Northampton to be a member of Enterprise Boost – we welcome anyone who has an interest in enterprise.

We are committed to developing graduates who are not only qualified to secure their first graduate job, but who have also developed the skills and attributes they need to progress onward as their career develops.  With a strong set of employability skills, a graduate has a secure base for any career changes in the future.  At the University of Northampton both Employability and Changemaker are embedded in the curriculum and this is further supported by the extensive range of extra and co-curricular initiatives to enhance students’ employability and social entrepreneurship skills.

Your business is important to us and there is endless potential to work with our students, graduates and staff.  Whether to you are looking to grow your business through our funded projects, offer Knowledge Transfer Internships to our students and graduates or become a mentor – there are ways in which we can work together.   Contact us at