Website Developer & Marketing Support


Milton Maisor

Job Description

At Specific Learning & Coaching we offer consultancy and a range of leadership support that is bespoke to the needs of our clients.

We offer training & coaching for business that will:

Improve customer experience

Strengthen leadership teams

Streamline processes

Improve efficiency

People are our passion and we believe in providing leaders in business with skills and tools that they can implement immediately and it doesn't end there, we offer support with follow up coaching and mentoring to help embed new learning.

This role will include the following responsibilities:

Build Landing pages

Using Traffic for sales or some other website platform, Create & develop a series of T4S landing pages and sales funnels in line with our brand that will showcase the range of courses that Specific offer.

These links can be shared with contacts direct and/or on social media. This may extend to website build within T4S or another web platform. Content Creation In line with our brand create the content to support the range of documents standalone and with direct feed into the T4S landing pages.

Email Marketing

Set up a process of contacting prospects (from lists) and via social media channels to gather email addresses.

Making use of the T4S landing pages.

CRM System

Linking all projects together transfer and connect data, content and marketing into the CRM Hubspot system.


Write all procedures in line with output for transferrable use. Online Accredited Training Project It is Specifics intention to create and launch an accredited leadership branded/licensed solution for businesses.

We need help and support with marketing and build of our project. This may not fall within the graduate’s responsibility.

Personal Attributes

Driven, Confident, Detailed with Bigger picture capability. Organised, self-disciplined, goal focused, can do attitude, creative, works well under pressure.

Client Job Title


Graduate Degree

Computer Science, Data Science and Information Systems
Computer Security/ Networks
Marketing/ PR/ Public Relations

Skills /abilities/ competencies

Analytical ability
Ability to contribute individually and lead, manage, or participate in cross-functional teams
Excellent writing skills
Excellent presentation skills

Start Date

1st August 2019