Software Developer



Job Description

Veho Genie is a start up software solution which allows temporary staffing agencies to manage their teams. Security companies, event and hospitality staff providers, and nursing agencies are able to store their staff documents, advertise work, and invoice on one place. 

We are passionate about helping agencies work more effectively, and save the time spent on admin, however it is important that we have the technical, and software experience to remain up to date. As the Veho Genie software has grown, we have added many new features and we want to make sure the software code is clearly mapped. We wish to use this vacancy for someone to "get under the bonnet" of Veho Genie, and produce a software and code map so that we have a clear idea of how Veho Genie is laid out, and we can make sure it is ready to scale. 

If time allows, we would also like the successful candidate to implement minor changes to the existing code in response to the findings of the code map, as well as presenting a report on larger changers required which will make Veho Genie more scale able. This include transitioning to a MVC model

A full software map, and tidier code would allow Veho Genie to become more accepting on new features and updates. We do have some challenges that when we add of change one element of the site, another unrelated area breaks. This means we spend more time and money fixing issues, than developing the software. 

In addition, a MVC model will allow front facing elements of Veho Genie to be easily customised from customer to customers so that they will feel Veho Genie more closely matches their business needs.

Job role

•             The applicant to produce a full site and code map. 
•             Propose large, and small changes to the software towards a MVC model.
•             Make the small changes suggested.

Knowledge Skills

1.            Familiar with PHP programming, javascript and HTML
2.            Experiences with SQL database and SQL programming
3.            Understand Model, view, controller (MVC) concepts
4.            Enable using professional tools and communication languages to produce system requirement
5.            Good communication and reporting
6.            Willing to learning new knowledge    

Client Job Title

Marketing Director

Graduate Degree

AI/ Machine Learning
Computer Science, Data Science and Information Systems
Computer Security/ Networks

Skills /abilities/ competencies

Analytical ability
Excellent presentation skills

Start Date

30th September 2019