Marketing analyst



Job Description

Hope Enterprises is a social enterprise or Community Interest Company set up by the Northampton Hope Centre charity, established in 1974. The charity works to tackle poverty, especially related to homelessness, through a range of services including a day centre and food aid service. The enterprise offers opportunities for service users from the charity, and elsewhere, who have challenges with employment, lack skills, or have been unemployed, to obtain training and develop new skills and confidence, get work experience and some paid roles.

The enterprise sells cheap food, clothes, vegetables, catering and recycled garden tools, with the potential for gardening services.

The role is concerned with improving the marketing of Hope Enterprise's various businesses above. Hope wants to improve the level fo sales by widening the sales outlets and the promotional material to attract people to them, creating better awareness of the brand what it does, focused on its social purpose and specialist, niche and sometimes artisan nature. We want to review our products, where they are sold, and how we can attract more awareness and sales.

Key tasks:

- To analyse Hope's product range and devise new ways it can be marketed

- To identify suitable marketing and sales opportunities for enterprise products

- To help develop marketing materials and messages to improve sales and service usage, using a range of media and methods

- To work with HE staff to design marketing strategies that capture the brand and its story

- To work with service users and trainees on this project

Personal Attributes

Marketing expertise or experience: understanding of point of sale opportunities

Social media expertise

Commitment to the client group and the aims and values

A commitment to ethical trading

Common sense

Ability to write good english text for auidiences

Desirable design skills online

Honesty and energy


Graduate Degree

Branding Design
Business Management / Exec MBA
Marketing/ PR/ Public Relations

Skills /abilities/ competencies

Analytical ability
Ability to contribute individually and lead, manage, or participate in cross-functional teams
Excellent writing skills
Excellent presentation skills
Pays attention to detail