Laboratory Technician



Job Description

A life science production company, providing services and products to the life science community. The main source of income is production of Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) which is used in cell culture applications. Previously the MD created SeraLab Ltd in 2004 (sold in 2015), it started in cell culture, diversified into providing individual samples for biomarker studies. LSG started as a virtual company, acting as project managers but outsourcing the work out to others in the UK –this was in 2008. LSG were determined to keep ALL antibody work in the UK. Fetal Bovine Serum at that time was being manufactured in Germany, the £ dropped against the euro and it became uneconomical – so things got brought back to the UK.​

Main Responsibilities

  • Maintain and clean laboratory/research equipment; maintain supplies, and prepare culture media, solutions, and reagents
  • Record data, and enter it accurately into company systems and generate reports to monitor quality and control cost
  • Analysing risks within the lab and ensure that all legal responsibilities, company policies/procedures are implemented
  • Deputise for the laboratory manager on their absence
  • Assist the management team with all reasonable requests
  • Actively assist the Quality Assurance Team to report, record, investigate and take corrective action to ensure that the Company’s policies and procedures are implemented and evolved with changing needs
  • Ensure all SOP’s and DOC’s which cover the aspects of the duties and responsibilities are understood
  • To comply at all times with client, company and legal requirements such as health and safety, ensuring the display of notices, first aid and accident reporting.
  • To actively protect company information, customer confidentiality and the security of staff and the business premises
  • Actively participate in analysing Health and Safety risks within the Laboratory and ensure that all legal responsibilities, company policies and procedures are implemented
  • Help to achieve and exceed Company Sales Targets both on the volume and value of sales and the percentage conversion of enquiries/quotes being completed
  • Ensure all data processing into Company systems is accurate; as measured by monthly analysis of non-conformances in the Quality Assurance system.

Client Job Title

Managing Director

Graduate Degree

Animal Science
Biological Science
Biomedical Science