Laboratory Assistant (T2G188)

Job Location

Authenticae Unit 8 Grove Farm Moulton Northamptonshire NN3 7TG

Job Description

Authenticae is a small company with a growing biosciences laboratory.  

We need someone who is meticulous with laboratory work, and who takes pride in accuracy and attention to detail.  We will train you in all the techniques.

We will need you to perform the laboratory tests, and to run the day-to-day activities in the laboratory.  This includes making sure that you do each test precisely and accurately, maintain all data and records necessary, and keep the laboratory clean and tidy.

You will also be required to prepare draft reports - this includes intensive use of Excel and Word.  You may be required to liaise directly with clients, coordinating incoming work and outgoing reports.  You will be shown how the systems work, and how to perform all of the tasks.  You may also see opportunities on how we can perform all of the tasks.  You may also see ways in which we can improve, and have the opportunity to design and implement the improvements. 

An exemplary individual will have these skills, as well as the ability to work with the Technical Director to develop, trouble-shoot, and implement new tests,




Personal Attributes

You are a self-motivated, organized, and disciplined individual.  

You are able to follow procedure and have good written and spoken English, and you have strong maths.

Managing Director

Graduate Degree

Animal Science
Biological Science
Biomedical Science

Degree Other

Environmental Soil Science

Skills /abilities/ competencies

Analytical ability
Ability to contribute individually and lead, manage, or participate in cross-functional teams
Excellent writing skills
Pays attention to detail

Start Date

10th September 2020