IT Software Analyst (T2G130)



Job Description

Zephyr-TVC is one of the leading suppliers of flagpoles, flags, and display systems in the UK and worldwide. Our aim, is to make Flags for everyone and over the last 50+ years we’ve done exactly that. We endeavor to be the best at what we do and to give real value to our customers. We pride ourselves in a quality of service and customer relationship that is truly built into our culture, and not just a throwaway statement. We are committed to European manufacture, producing all of our graphics output at our Northamptonshire facility, and investing heavily in display hardware production right here in the UK. Our impact on our community and our environment are considerations in everything we do. We are currently looking to update our computer systems and need a competent software analyst to undertake these investigations. We are therefore looking for a highly motivated individual who processes the qualities to undertake Research & Development into Xero and workflow, to see if the company's existing processes and applications can be moved onto this new platform for CRM, Accounts and workflow purposes. They will also need to assimilate the information found and present their findings in a comprehensive and concise manner. Knowledge of IT systems is important as well as excellent research skills. This position will be based at our offices in Islip which are just off of junction 12 on the A14.

Personal Attributes

• Thorough • Inquisitive • Competent • Knowledgeable • Able to disseminate information

Client Job Title

Managing Director

Job Location

Zephyr Tvc Acorn Industrial Estate Islip NN14 4LX

Graduate Degree

Computer Science, Data Science and Information Systems

Skills /abilities/ competencies

Excellent writing skills
Excellent presentation skills
Pays attention to detail

Start Date

27th January 2020