Graphic operator



Job Description

Parkes Display & Expo aims to give value and quality to the Exhibition and Display industry. We can design, manufacture for both self build and install exhibition stands. These can be open space or shell schemes. Some of our designs for clients are highly bespoke. We have a large range of counters from light weight to heavy duty. Advice can be given to those new to exhibiting including meeting Health and Safety requirements and filling in the forms.

On the display side specialist signs and bespoke display units are designed and manufactured from one off to many on a whole range of materials for a variety of purposes. Problem they would like to address: One big problem is the business plateaued. Since the website is old it needs the new one populating with our products in a way that is easy for browsers to find their way around and easy to order. This would need a knowledge acquired off the different products and their characteristics. Lack of time for the partners has hindered this aspect of sales. Having accomplished this there are client files to correct and some to design from scratch. Initially preparing pictures for a website and incorporating them along with the appropriate descriptions and technical details to be added in the correct parts of the website. Duties would also include checking the functionality of each element and cross links. Also need to check how it appears on mobile devices. Sometimes there is the need to create and edit short videos for inclusion on the website. Also there is opportunity for design and correcting of client’s artwork and creating visuals. This requires thinking outside of the box and knowing how to manipulate the various programs to achieve the required outcome. Programs used could be Adobe InDesign, Quark, and several others in both past and up to date versions. In a small family business there can be opportunity for many other aspects including the practical hands on building of the design.

Personal Attributes

Reliable, conscientious, able to work in a cramped space

Graduate Degree

Graphic Design

Skills /abilities/ competencies

Excellent writing skills
Excellent presentation skills
Pays attention to detail

Start Date

31st July 2019