Digital Strategy Coordinator



Job Description

The primary responsibility for the post-holder is the development of our digital strategy; implementing changes and leaving a legacy of change and an action plan for the future.
As a charity we have invested in an online database, and website. We also utilise social media. On both counts we have come a long way but could be doing more both to reach and support more carers and to improve our back-office functions.

We have drafted a digital strategy but require expertise to develop this and start to implement. Our strategy highlights identified problems and potential solutions, all of which fall under three ‘digital focus areas’: 
1.    Marketing, awareness/engagement, fundraising & education.
2.    Provision of therapeutic or support services
3.    Internal processes & structures

Working on the aforementioned digital focused areas, the successful candidate will assist in the production of action plans. Some actions will be for themselves to improve current systems or to establish new ones; further actions will be left for others with the aim of giving a lasting impact beyond the internship itself. 

Examples solutions would be to build upon our existing information and intranet systems; a staff/volunteer training needs assessment or developing an online buddying system for carers. Above all we want to enable an intern to utilise their skills and experience so their input in shaping ideas will be very much welcomed.

Northamptonshire Carers is a registered charity that has been supporting Carers since 1992. Carers often sacrifice their time, health and careers to support their loved-ones. If Carers did not do what they do then the health and social care systems would fail overnight. Although there may be challenges, many Carers have a huge feeling of pride, love and self-fulfilment from the support they provide. We believe that by supporting Carers, we not only support them but also the wider society by making their caring roles more manageable and sustainable.
We provide many services ourselves and are always open to suggestions from Carers about new services. We work with partners such as Northamptonshire County Council and the NHS in order to improve support for Carers, such as by providing Carers Assessments and being a voice for Carers within these organisations. Our services include:
•    A wide range of support groups and activities for Carers
•    Our Carers Support Line which can be called for practical advice or emotional support
•    Our Young Carer service support children who are in a caring role
•    We provide Carers Assessments which are a legal right and allow you to determine what support matches your individual circumstances.

To enable us to deliver these service and further our charitable mission statement we require efficient IT systems and see this role as an excellent opportunity to drive change. 

Personal Attributes

•    You will be reliable.
•    You have a desire to complete a task to set standards
•    You are creative so you are able to self-motivate and work independently. 
•    You are willing to experiment/ have the ability to deal with uncertainty – we want you to bring your new thinking and new skills to us
•    Drive to succeed and willingness to learn, sometimes under pressure 
•    Able to work in a team so you have the ability to communicate well

Graduate Degree

AI/ Machine Learning
Business Management / Exec MBA
Computer Science, Data Science and Information Systems
Computer Security/ Networks
Marketing/ PR/ Public Relations
Nursing, midwifery, dentistry, Paramedic or other Healthcare Practice
Social Studies, Child and Family Studies, Social Work
Youth Work

Degree Other

Voluntary Sector

Other responsibilities

We see this internship as driving lasting change so the successful candidate will have the opportunity to present to management, trustees and the wider team. Although this role will be behind the scenes, an understanding of the needs of carers & young carers is also preferable although training will be given

Skills /abilities/ competencies

Analytical ability
Ability to contribute individually and lead, manage, or participate in cross-functional teams
Pays attention to detail

Start Date

1st April 2019