Design and Marketing (T2G0248)

Job Location


Job Description

Chessworth is an E-Commerce business based in Tolpits Lane, Watford.

Selling thousands of different types of products, on our own websites and the main 3rd party platforms.

Chessworth source their own products under several different brand names, from the Far East, Poland and the UK.

The company is primarily focussed on eco friendly products for the general public, promoting health and well being.

Replacing general household items that we use everyday with sustainable replacements that are kind to the environment.

Our vision for 2021 is to educate as many buyers as possible through our social media channels with ideas on how we can look after ourselves and the planet.


Design and Marketing Role

- Competent Graphic Designer using Adobe Photoshop.

- Designs for products, labels and packaging.

- Creative Content Design for websites and 3rd party sites.

- Plan marketing strategies for our own brands.

- Implement and execute these marketing strategies successfully.

- Assist with social content & interaction with customers.

- Answer the phone to customers occasionally and take orders.

Graduate Degree

Branding Design
Graphic Design
Marketing/ PR/ Public Relations

Skills /abilities/ competencies

Analytical ability
Excellent writing skills
Excellent presentation skills
Pays attention to detail

Start Date

18th January 2021