Data Analysist (T2G147)

Job Location

Remote - working for home/ Maxim Logistics Ltd 3 Darwin Road Willowbrook East Industrial Estate Corby NN17 5XZ

Job Description

Maxim deliver across the UK on a preferred delivery day schedule.  After recent growth, we would like to understand the current delivery pattern of our customers to geographical areas and key consignees.  The aim is to identify and quantify opportunities for consolidation where deliveries are being requested to the same location or consignees multiple times a week by Maxim’s clients. 
Data Extraction
Ø   Extract and manipulate data from the Transport Management System into a workable format.
Ø   Sanitize delivery names, towns and postcodes for accurate data analysis and combine multiple order lines.
Ø   Establish variation in delivery day at a geographical level (i.e. North West, North East)
Ø   Establish variation in delivery day at consignee level (i.e. Maxim clients requesting deliveries on different days to other clients)
Ø   Show delivery hotspots by day preferably in a mapping format for visual analysis
Ø   Stratify full load consignment vs less than full load consignments
Ø   Identify targets for consolidation by geographical area and consignee
Ø   Quantify examples of potential savings based on less deliveries, miles and cost to serve

Personal Attributes

Skills Required

Ø   Strong data analysis skills

Ø   Excellent use of Excel and Microsoft programs

Ø   A good understanding of basic geography and locations across the UK

Client Job Title

Business Development Manager

Graduate Degree

Computer Science, Data Science and Information Systems

Skills /abilities/ competencies

Analytical ability
Ability to contribute individually and lead, manage, or participate in cross-functional teams
Excellent writing skills
Excellent presentation skills
Pays attention to detail

Start Date

18th February 2020