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Job Description

Whittlebury Bakery is a small, fast-growing artisanal bakery serving retail and corporate clients in the Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes markets. The business is now at a take-off point where it needs to professionalise its marketing to develop a reputation as a dynamic, creative artisanal bakery making breads and cakes for discerning customers. We’re looking for a smart, creative digital marketing graduate to be at the heart of helping us create a new brand identity, associated website and social media platform that will become the essence of our future growth. You, the successful applicant, will spend time with our team of leading UK bakers so you can embody their passion for baking, their creativity and what it takes to stand out in a highly-competitive business. The brand identity you help create will be applied to all marketing materials, labelling and packaging across a wide range of products. Our new identity will also be applied to our other business activities including bakery shop, coffee shop, menus, signage and so on. You’ll also be critical in creating an entirely new, user-friendly website to encourage interaction and business between Whittlebury Bakery, retail and wholesale customers, and other businesses such as our own product suppliers. This will require engagement in all design phases of the site development, including researching and recommending an online ordering capability to generate new business and drive growth. We also recognise the rapidly-growing importance of social media as a business development, marketing and sales tool. Therefore, you’ll help create a comprehensive social media presence and strategy for Whittlebury Bakery to take full advantage of its new brand identity and website. You’ll be working with one of the UK best-regarded bakers, as well as an operations head who has had a long corporate identity career in London and South East Asia. This is an opportunity for an energetic and enthusiastic person to take an important role in an entrepreneurial team dedicated to creating a nationwide identity for Whittlebury Bakery and its creative team – building on the growing reputation of “Made in Northamptonshire” food producers for fun, funky and great-quality foods. Your role will be based at our bakery in Litchborough, Northamptonshire so you’ll need your own transport, with some travel between there and our bakery/coffee shop in Whittlebury.

Personal Attributes

Fun, Energetic. Able to think out of the box and be open minded

Graduate Degree

Branding Design

Skills /abilities/ competencies

Ability to contribute individually and lead, manage, or participate in cross-functional teams
Pays attention to detail

Start Date

31st July 2019