Business Systems Analyst T2G172

Job Location


Job Description

Goodholm Finance Limited designs and develops secured lending products for the UK market. Within the group Gemini Consultants Limited (GCL) provides mortgage administration for third parties (mostly right-to-buy for around 70 councils). We have been undertaking loan administration for around 30 years using our own bespoke software however to be able to stay abreast of competitors and adjust to market changes we need to adapt. To meet this need we are purchasing a commercial software platform to replace our existing software and require a Systems Analyst to support this.

Your role:

To under-take the research stage, summarise findings which are then reviewed by all parties.

This breaks down into a number of parts:

  1. Comprehensive analysis of the current systems and procedures
  2. A summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the current system
  3. An analysis of best practice as carried out by Goodholm and others
  4. An understanding of how new technology may impact best practice
  5. Perhaps some understanding of the changing regulatory landscape and how this is likely to impact procedures
  6. Recommendations as to a ‘best practice’ model
  7. Ideal model developed on the back of this with a proposed subset for the practical model.
  8. Review recommendation and agree next steps.



Graduate Degree

Business Management / Exec MBA
Computer Science, Data Science and Information Systems
Computer Security/ Networks

Skills /abilities/ competencies

Analytical ability
Ability to contribute individually and lead, manage, or participate in cross-functional teams
Excellent writing skills
Excellent presentation skills
Pays attention to detail

Start Date

5th October 2020