Brand Developer (T2G216)

Job Location


Job Description

The role requires the candidate to turn the current brand around, from day rate project manager to executive coaching
The successful candidate will need to develop a simple 10-week plan on a page (diagram) that addresses the following objectives:

  • Current Brand Assessment
  • Potential Client Assessments
  • Making the case for what needs to change and why
  • Design & launch new brand
  • Plan for future client engagements

To meet these objectives, the following tasks will also need to be completed:

  • Describe my ideal client and short list target clients here in the UK
  • Identify what those clients say they need in terms of support
  • Identify ways of ‘reaching’ those potential clients
  • Assess my current ‘brand’ in terms of alignment to what clients say they want
  • Design and develop new brand and materials
  • Update current social media platforms to reflect this new brand (including current website)
  • Develop a client engagement campaign/plan

The outcomes expected are 
Client Profiles with Client Needs Document

  • Client Engagement Channel Strategy i.e. how can each client be engaged and when?
  • Current Brand Assessment Report with alignment to client needs and recommendations for changes
  • Development of engagement materials (could be Word/ PowerPoint templates and/ or brochures/ case study templates)
  • Updated website and recommendations (only) for changes to LinkedIn and Twitter accounts)
  • Client engagement plan, or social media plan (i.e. who needs to know what, when and how)

Personal Attributes

The successful candidate must be interested and motivated to help develop a new brand targeted at business executives and have high integrity – i.e. will be transparent in what they can/ cannot do. 


Graduate Degree

Branding Design
Graphic Design
Marketing/ PR/ Public Relations
TV Production, Media and Broadcasting

Skills /abilities/ competencies

Analytical ability
Excellent writing skills
Excellent presentation skills
Pays attention to detail

Start Date

23rd November 2020