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Job Description

Sodalite is a creative agency that specialises in supporting category and marketing teams with a wide variety of visual media. The team bring to life the category vision within a virtual supermarket environment. From still images of in-store displays to fully interactive virtual reality fly throughs, Sodalite can create visuals of all aspects of the customer journey. Our experienced team can create traditional planograms to highlight best in class merchandising. This is coupled with design and, if necessary, print of any POS that may be required in store. All aspects of the in store experience can be provided in digital or hard copy format.

Sodalite’s animation team are able to create virtual reality animations to show the path to purchase highlighting all points of activation along the way. In addition to traditional customer journey animations, Sodalite also specialise in animation as a communication tool. This motion graphic approach, allows key facts and shopper insight to be communicated in a clear and engaging way. Often the animation is translated into an infographic to crystallise key facts and stats. Sodalites industry experience also means that a group of trusted partners are on hand to provide additional support in areas such as, Category Strategy, Sales Training and Shopper Insight. Sodalite have been supporting the fmcg industry for the past 5 years and the team have a combined industry experience of over 100 years which means that any visualisation project directed at them will always be successfully delivered.

A successful applicant’s responsibilities will largely be one or some of the following: 3D asset development in 3D Studio Max, 2D graphics design, in the Adobe Creative Design Suite, Animation in Adobe After Effects/3DS Max and C# programming in Unity 3D. We use 3D studio max along with rendering engines such as V-Ray to deliver photo realistic outputs for our clients. We develop 2D graphics for a variety of uses such as point of sale, brochures, leaflets, posters etc. We animate in both 3D Studio Max and Adobe After Effects to deliver high quality and informative animations for our clients. We develop applications in Unity 3D to bring our clients visions to life for their own personal presentations whether they be internal or external.

Assisting the team to deliver projects with excellence.

Graduate Degree

Computer Science, Data Science and Information Systems
Graphic Design

Skills /abilities/ competencies

Pays attention to detail

Start Date

31st July 2019