Company Information

Please note that we are only able to offer this programme to a business that are economically active in SEMLEP ( South East Midlands Enterprise Partnership) Area.


Benefits and details for registering as a company

  • The University will employ the graduates, covering payroll costs, NI and recruitment costs.  You only pay 40% of the total employment cost.
  • University graduates come with a range of skills and benefits that can help business reach that next level.
  • Graduates that are fresh in to the workforce are keen to prove themselves and to progress.
  • Graduates are digitally literate and bring a natural fluency to a rapidly changing landscape, making them comfortable with technology and multi-tasking.
  • A graduate’s adaptability and inquisitiveness make them ideal for tackling unfamiliar problems.
  • Graduates bring an enthusiastic attitude and are looking to challenge themselves professionally; giving enterprises the edge they need to compete effectively.
  • The University will invoice the business on a monthly basis for a 40% contribution to the salary - whilst the University pays the other 60%..  
  • The University will send you applicant details enabling you to shortlist and interview possible candidates’. 
  • Please do not expect to get Graduates to volunteer as all our Graduates are expecting a paid role


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